Less Sweat,
More Confidence:
Be at Your Best

Sweating is not only natural, it’s a good thing. Sweating is nature’s way of cooling us down when our bodies overheat. However, too much sweat can be embarrassing. Fortunately, there are many ways to minimize perspiration. And often, all it takes is a little common sense.

Apply Antiperspirants to Dry Skin to Stay Drier

If you’ve just showered, towel off thoroughly. Antiperspirants work better when your skin is dry.1 In fact, the way they work is by blocking the pores of your skin, so sweat isn’t released. You can even gently massage an antiperspirant into your skin to get better protection.2

Twice a Day Antiperspirant Regimen

Applying an antiperspirant once in the morning and again right before bed works extremely well in reducing sweat. So consider adding it to your nighttime routine.1

Less Stress, Less Sweat

Stress is another common cause of perspiration. Nervous anxiety and pressure add up to dry throats and sticky clothes. Mentally prepare for your stressful situations. Give yourself a little extra time to breathe deeply, relax and focus. Calm your mind and your body will follow.3

Eat, Drink & Be Smart

What you put in your body also affects how much you sweat. For instance, spicy foods can quickly trigger beads of perspiration. So skip the hot chilies. And be warned, garlic and onions can make your sweat smell worse.1 Watch your salty foods, too. Excessive sodium makes your body want to expel it by sweating.4

You may also want to lay off the lattes. That’s because caffeinated drinks, such as coffee, tea and many sodas, stimulate your nervous system. And that can produce stress sweat.4 Alcoholic drinks can also increase sweat because they widen your blood vessels, which in turn, increases your body temperature.4

As an alternative, consider drinking a tall glass of ice water. It’ll keep your body cool and hydrated. Cold fruit juices are another smart choice to help regulate your body temperature and lessen sweat.5

What to Wear

Choose loose fitting, light colored outfits with fabrics that allow your skin to breathe. Flowing cotton or linen can help you feel cool and dry. And for days when you’re more active, there are new athletic clothes designed to wick away sweat.1

The Hot Sun is Not Your Friend

As the weather turns warmer, limit your time in excessive heat and humidity. Seek cool, shaded areas and wear a wide brimmed hat.


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